Home Security

User-friendly panel allows you to tailor your devices to your lifestyle, while providing the highest level of safety that you expect from ADT. 

Built-in Wi-Fi puts you in control of your lights, door locks, and more, right from your smart device. Choose from a range of cameras and sensors that help you keep an eye on what matters most. Shift between views, watch live or recorded clips and get alerts for unusual activity.

Arm your system from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet or computer. Now, you can check on the status of your security as easily as you check your email or texts. 

Your home and your life demand unwavering security. Sensors on your windows and doors connect to your alarm, and to our trained professionals, so you can keep your stress-level down and intruders out.

Our nationwide monitoring centers coordinate to provide you with fast response around the clock. 

Fire Protection

Protect Your Home From Flames


When owning a home, it's important to be aware of any accidents that can happen. Whether you slip and fall from a spill of water, or there's a problem with your electrical outlets, safety in the household is essential. However, it's not just for your benefit, but for the benefit of your kids as well. 

After all, while adults tend to be more responsible, some children may have to learn the hard way when it comes to common accidents. After all, they don't know any better. With that said, fires in the household are all too common. However, it's not always your children's fault. Besides, it's not like adults aren't prone to common mistakes. Overall, here are some of the top causes of fires in a home. 

If you have kids, it's quite common for a fire to start around the house. After all, they may be curious as to how something works. With that said, not only should you supervise them, but also warn them of any dangers that result from being careless. After all, children are still learning, and they don't know any better. Also, make sure to keep any flammable objects out of reach, such as lighters and matches.  

Add a smoke detector to your security system monitoring today so if there is a fire in your home the fire department will automatically show up and save the home and maybe a life as well. 

Our advanced smoke and heat sensors sound the alarm at the first signs of a fire. We provide 24/7 service, even during power failures, and even contact the fire and paramedic units for you. 

Carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless, but our sensors can still detect it. We automatically alert you and emergency personnel if there are hazardous levels in your home. 

  We can If a sensor in your home is triggered we'll respond immediately and contact you. 


 We can contact and dispatch emergency response services if your home or family are in danger.

WiFi Based Security

Vivint Home Security

What are the odds that your home will be burglarized this year? Data from the FBI 2015 crime report shows that we can expect one in every thirty-six homes in the United States to be burglarized this year, resulting in an average loss of $2,230 per break in (totaling $4.7 billion in property losses). These numbers do not account for any additional psychological costs to the homeowners, as burglary victims may subsequently live in fear and harbor feelings of personal violation.

Master bedrooms are usually the most common room for a burglar to target. This is a jackpot room for the burglar because items like jewelry, collectibles, safes, and cash can be found here. 

Below are some of the most commonly stolen items during a burglary. Most of these are easy to sell at a pawn shop, which makes them appealing to a burglar.

  • Cash
  • Electronics
  • Gold
  • Guns
  • Jewelry

As a leading smart home technology provider, Vivint offers home security, energy management, home automation, local cloud storage, and high-speed Internet solutions to more than one million customers throughout the United States and Canada. The end result is a smart home solution that saves you time and money and ultimately simplifies your life.

Your busy schedule shouldn't come between you and your family. Now you can watch live video of the kids coming home and know exactly what your four-legged friends are up to.

Have a two-way conversation with visitors and see them

Night Vision

Clearly see who's at your front door day or night.

Vivint Smart Clips™

Watch 30-second video clips on-demand.

Custom Notifications

Receive alerts and notifications on your mobile device so you never miss a visitor.

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